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Learn How To Grab Your Share of More Than


Of Grant Money Given Out To People Just Like YOU Every Year!!

In The Next 10 Minutes You’ll Learn How A Mother Of Four Overcame A Traumatic Brain Injury And Has Generated Over $100 Million in Grant Money.

You’re Also Going To Learn…

  • Why Hundreds of Billions of Dollars in Grant Money Is One of the Biggest Opportunities Available Right Now
  • You Don’t Need Any Previous Experience, Credit or Collateral to Get Grant Money
  • How To Find Out Where The Majority of Grant Money Goes, How Its Used and How To Get It!

This Sounds Like More Hype Right?

It’s OK, it’s perfectly understandable. At this point you have probably searched the entire Internet for grants and grant courses that leads to nothing but dead ends and produces zero results.

Right now you’re probably a little angry and frustrated.

But don’t worry, it’s not your fault.  The honest truth is that most “so called” grant experts and gurus have never generated a dime in Grant Money…they usually only make money selling grant-related products.

Search No Further!  I am about to reveal my proven system that I have used for a quarter century that has generated millions and millions of dollars in grant money!

So cheer up!

Here are just a few headlines about grant money that you see every day!

-“$7 Billion in Federal Funding to Buy and Renovate Foreclosed Homes

-“$4 Billion in Grant Money to Buy and Fix Foreclosed Homes

-“$12 Billion in Grants for Small Businesses

Get FREE Grant Money For…

Paying Your Rent/Mortgage
Paying Your Bills/Utilities
Paying Your Car Payment
Paying Yourself a Salary, Plus Expenses
Health Insurance
Hiring a Full-Time Assistant
Helping Others and Changing the World
Living Your Dream Every Single Day
And So Much More!

The Biggest Opportunity Of The 21st Century Is….

Grant Money For Real Estate and FREE Real Estate!!

FREE Money for Real Estate

Residential Single Family Homes
Acquiring and Renovating Foreclosed Homes

Condo in Redondo Beach, CA Valued at $425,000…FREE!

Mansion Valued at $810,000…FREE!

Office/Warehouse Valued at $750,000…FREE

100 Acre Industrial Complex Valued at $2.25 Million…FREE!

One of the biggest trends and opportunities in the country! With record amounts of the Baby Boomer generation retiring it will be the largest transfer of wealth in human history! Look for donation and gifting of real estate to be one of the biggest opportunities ever!

Announcing The Power Of Grant Money Home Study System!

Here’s What You Get With My Home Study System:

The Power Of Grant Money Training Manual

The Power of Grant Money Workbook and Training Manual.
  • This is my A-Z blueprint manual that includes 25 years of my foundational strategies and techniques.
  • This manual is the complete, step-by step authority in the grant money industry.
  • The manual also includes actual blueprints of grants I have received over the past quarter century and breaks down each grant that is replicable! I can tell you now when it comes to applying for grants…I’m the Queen of Copy and Paste!!!

The Power Of Grant Money DVD Set

The Power of Grant Money DVD Set
  • This DVD Set contains 10 DVD’s, 15+ Hours of Video From My Live Training!
  • Watch them from the comfort of your home!
  • Watch them over and over again to get great information and to learn these incredible techniques.

The Power Of Grant Money CD Set

The Power of Grant Money CD's SET
  • This CD Set contains 10 CD’s, 15+ Hours of audio From My Live Training!
  • Listen to these CD’s in your car on the way to work!

The Power Of Grant Money CD-ROM

The Power of Grant Money CD-ROM
  • This CD-ROM Contains Items I Have Used and Still Use Today to Get Grant Money!
  • Forms, Templates, Applications…all included!

Bonuses, Bonuses, And More Bonuses!!!

Bonus #1!!!

FREE Attendance to Sherry Watson’s The Power of Grant Money Live Training ($997 value)

The Power of Grant Money Live Training is my information-packed Three Day Seminar!  This is a full immersion, hands-on training with myself and my team!  At this incredible live training, here’s just a sample of what you’ll learn:

The 7 Best Sources for Free Grant Money
How to Generate Free Money on Auto-Pilot
How to Get Free Money for Real Estate and How to Get Free Real Estate
And So Much More! 

** You will also receive my Million Dollar Award Winning Grant Proposal that I still use today!!!

Here's what some of my students are saying about my Live Training....


Bonus #2!!!

FREE Guest Attendance to Sherry Watson’s The Power of Grant Money Live Training ($997 value)

I hold these trainings all over the country and you along with a guest of your choice will be allowed to attend…FREE OF CHARGE!!!  Bring a spouse, a family member, a business partner…it’s your choice.

Bonus #3!!!

30-Day FREE Trial To My Grant Money Authority Membership Site ($97 value)

Grant Money Authority is my premiere private membership site where like-minded grant seekers get Grant Alerts, Updated News and much, much more!

Currently membership in this group is $97 a month, but you’ll get 30 days FREE and after that time you will be automatically renewed at the $97a month rate.  (Of course, if for some reason you decide not to remain a member you cancel before the 30-day trial period expires and not be billed anything).

AND REMEMBER, if you don't want to take me up on this bonus (or if you're already an active member)...don't worry about it. You can easily remove this optional bonus once you're on the registration page...

That’s over $2,000 in Bonuses …it’s a No-Brainer!!!

It’s Shockingly Simple…

With my system, you will discove

Over 25 years of experience that makes my methods simple and foolproof.  I’ve made mistakes over the past quarter century so you don’t have too!!!
How to easily connect with different types of funders, it’s not hard or complicated when you have my roadmap
How you can connect with funders and apply for grant money from HOME!  Apply for grant money in your bathrobe and slippers! 
How truly easy it is to get grant money using my step-by-step system!

Here’s My Rock Solid 100% Guarantee…

I’m so confident in my step-by-step system, that when you write a grant within one year of your purchase, the way I teach you, and you somehow still get rejected….simply fax or e-mail your letter of rejection and I’ll send you a refund no questions asked. 

Start Living Your Passion Today!

With my system you can live your passion every day, help people and get paid extremely well for it!  If you’re a generous person and were raised with a belief about giving back and making the world a better place…then this system will MONETIZE that for you!

Get Paid to Live Your Passion!

This system allows you to Do Well By Doing Good! 

And The Best Part Is….You Can Do All Of This With FREE MONEY!

The Sky Is NOT The Limit….Because There Are No Limits!

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“Granting” Your Wishes Come True,

           Sherry Watson

P.S. You have nothing to lose with my system, the possibilities and potential are limitless!  Also, just so you know that I am a real person and I am America’s premier #1 Grant Money Authority you are welcome to join me on Social Networking!  Visit me on Facebook,Twitter and YouTube.

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